Our pleasure is do what few can:

Expediting, Client Representative, Third Party, Inspection and Monitoring Services for Welding and NDT, Brazilian Standard NR13, NR10, Crane Inspection, Welding exotic materials such as Stainless Steel Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel, etc.

Pipeline and Submerged Equipment

Subsea requirements knowledge , all the requirements of the major design codes for pipelines and equipment submerged as DNV-OS-F101, ISO-15156-1 (NACE MR175), API 17D, API 6A and others. PLET, Goosenck, Spools for submerged Pipeline, Riser SCR, JUMPER and others are not new to the IWC. Already performed relevant projects and expect to be invited to new challenges

Piping Spools and Skids for Topside Platform

Piping Spools manufacturing for platform modules requires skilled labor, the most part of these are spools 3D with many joints per spool and high complexity during the assembly. We have know how and the staff required to meet this requirement. Stainless materials and internal coated with inconel are not new to the IWC, exotic materials are our purpose.

Piping Spools for Refinary

We always seek the solution for our customers, due this we start manufacturing of spools of 24 meters in length, now a reality in the IWC's premises. Working with materials of nickel alloy for low temperatures or Cr Mo to high temperatures also are not new to the IWC. Here the challenge is exceed the expectations of our customers.

Welding Services

IWC goes to where your customer needs. Already operate in the assembly and welding of pipe and structure of Platform P58 and P62 with UTC, also operate in platform P55 with QUIP. Worked for Saipem in São Sebastião port to weld Double Joint with PLEM, PLET, Flex Joint and others submerged equipments. Also performed Off-Shore welding services for Petrobras.

Monitoring, Expediting and Inspection

As we came from QC, we remain performing services in this area performing inspection and expediting services in Brazil and abroad (Americas, Europe and China) for brazilian and multinational companies We operate on-shore and off-shore, including the adequacy of equipment to Brazilian law NR-13 and NR-10. With the qualification of a single UT Phased Array procedure in Brazil to inspect pipe joints in Duplex stainless steel, Super Duplex, Carbon Steel or without removing the weld reinforcement in joints accessory X pipe. If you need a UT Phased Array Inspection Service call us.